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BetStars guide to betting on golf

Golf betting is the sure way to go when looking for big odds, value and longevity.

A tournament on either the European Tour or PGA Tour typically spans over four days (Thursday to Sunday) and usually contains 156 players before the field is trimmed in half at the end of the second round.

Due to the large field of competitors, the golf odds can be juiced and it isn't out of the ordinary for a bettor to come across winners at a three-figure price.

BetStars offer a wide range of markets for the two biggest tours in the world, and if you're interested in betting on golf we've put together this guide to explain the options.

Outright betting in golf

Outright betting is the most popular of all the markets and is usually the first wager bettors would see when weighing their options.

Bets are placed on which player they think will win the tournament. Golf odds usually range anywhere from 10/1 to 1,000/1 and plenty of other prices in between. At 10 to 1, the odds mean for every $100 that you bet, you would win $1000.

Bettors may also have the option to bet on a player as not only the outright winner, but could opt to go with a pay-out at reduced odds if they finish in one of the top listed places.

From the start of a tournament a player could be 1/5 of the odds for a top-seven finish or 1/4 for a top five. Always check the terms before the tournament starts.

In-play betting

Golf is one of the best sports around for live and in-play betting. This is because leaderboards can change drastically over a span of minutes depending on the run a player may go on.

For example, a player who sits five or six shots back behind the leader may be getting odds at 250 to 1, but could soon find themselves with a big-priced betslip should that player go on a birdie run and sink an eagle which happens often.

As the contests are live and in-running, BetStars reserves the right to close the market at any time. Odds and betting lines are valid for the whole game.

BetStars offer in-play betting odds throughout the four days but bettors should note that the number of places are reduced the closer the event gets to Sunday's final round.

First-round leader

First-round leader is a market that simply involves selecting the leading player at the end of the opening round, and may also be an option for the other rounds in the tournament.

Similar to the outright wagers, bettors may select a player to either win or finish in a placed position.

Correctly predicting the first-round leader can be extremely satisfying as it can lock in a profit for the four days even if your outright picks let you down.

Top five/top 10/top 20

BetStars offers top five, top 10 and top 20 markets, however, there is no each-way element to this bet which would allow the bettor to pick out a player to finish in the top five, 10, or 20.

Notably, if the bettor has picked a player to finish inside the top 20 at 8 to 1 odds, and that selected players wins the tournament, the bettor will be paid at 8 to 1 and not the listed outright odds. The pay-out would remain the same on this market whether the backed player finishes first or 15th.

Also, if you back a player for a top-10 finish and he finishes ninth with several players, the dead-heat rule applies and the pay-out is reduced accordingly.

Top countrymen

Top countrymen is a market which involves picking the leading player from a set pool of players from either the same country, or a continent such as Asia or Europe.

With a limited number of players in particular countries, the odds would typically be set lower with the chances of success being higher.

The winner is determined by the player with the lowest score within the group at the end of the final round.

Group winner

Group winner is similar to the top countrymen market. The bettor is to pick the golfer with the lowest score from five players selected by BetStars before the start of the tournament.

Three balls

Three balls is one of the most interesting golf markets offered by BetStars. The market groups together three players who tee off together during the first two rounds.

The aim is for the bettor to pick the player amongst the group with the lowest score over the four rounds. If the selected player makes the weekend, and the other two miss the cut, the selected player would be the last man standing and the winner.

Stephen Rodriguez
@TinoRodriguez__ in Golf