Play for Real Money Using INSTADEBIT



INSTADEBIT is a safe and secure way to make payments online using funds in your INSTADEBIT wallet account.

  • It is free to sign up
  • You can sign-up and start transferring money into your account INSTANTLY
  • You can pay directly from your bank account or using the real-time load options in your country.
  • The merchants have no access to your private information.
  • It's easy to use.

An INSTADEBIT deposit is processed like an electronic check which allows you to make safe, secure and immediate electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly from your bank account to your Stars Account using your INSTADEBIT wallet.

If your INSTADEBIT wallet contains sufficient funds to cover the deposit amount, the deposit funds are moved from the wallet to your Stars Account.

If the balance on your wallet is insufficient to cover the deposit amount, the entire deposit amount is requested as a single transaction from your bank account to the INSTADEBIT wallet, then from your wallet to your Stars Account, in one move.

Electronic checks work the same way as paper checks. When you deposit using INSTADEBIT, the amount of your deposit is requested from your bank just like when a paper check you've written is deposited. The deposit is transferred securely from your bank account.

Funds deposited via INSTADEBIT are immediately available in your Stars Account even though the funds aren't received from your bank account instantly.

As it can take up to seven days for the funds to be received from your bank, your deposit is in an 'uncleared' status with us for seven days after you make an INSTADEBIT deposit. While a deposit is uncleared, you may not cash out or request cash transfers unless you have a balance that is greater than the total of your uncleared INSTADEBIT deposits. Any portion of your balance that is more than the total of your uncleared deposits may be used normally including withdrawals and transfers.

If an INSTADEBIT deposit is not honoured by your bank and is returned as unpaid, your INSTADEBIT wallet account will be put on hold, and other restrictions will apply to future INSTADEBIT or eCheck deposits, including not receiving your funds instantly but instead once your INSTADEBIT or eCheck deposits clear.

How secure is INSTADEBIT?

INSTADEBIT is a highly secure and widely used method of electronic funds transfer. INSTADEBIT is compliant with strict processing rules. The security measures include ID verification, 128-bit SSL encrypted communications and industry standard data encryption of your personal information.

How can I make purchases using INSTADEBIT?

The INSTADEBIT deposit option is fully integrated into the Cashier screen. To make a deposit using INSTADEBIT, login to your account and visit the Cashier. Choose the ‘Make a Deposit’ option and select the 'INSTADEBIT ' button. You can then follow the instructions shown to create a new INSTADEBIT account, or use an existing one, to complete your deposit.

What are the deposit limits for INSTADEBIT?

Please visit the cashier for your current deposit limits. Please note there are limits imposed by INSTADEBIT which take precedence over our limits. In order to have your INSTADEBIT deposit limits raised, please contact

Please note: first time depositors may have lower limits; however, these limits will automatically increase once your initial deposit has cleared your bank.

What about my withdrawals?

You may withdraw funds from your account to your INSTADEBIT wallet account, providing you have made at least one previous purchase using INSTADEBIT within the past 12 months.

Please be aware that withdrawals are automatically credited back to any and all of the following methods that you may have used to make deposits in the last 12 months in the following order, before being credited back to your INSTADEBIT wallet account.

  1. CFT eligible Visa and Entropay
  2. NETELLER and Skrill

Please visit our Withdrawal Policy for full information.

How does the exchange rate conversion work?

We use the prevailing mid-market rate provided by XE (plus a small fee if applicable) to convert your deposits to your account currency. For additional information, please read our Real Money Transaction Processing and Currency Conversion Terms and Conditions.

What will it cost me to use INSTADEBIT?

There are no other fees for using INSTADEBIT. Players are responsible for any fees charged by their banks or INSTADEBIT, as well as fees incurred for deposits that are returned (due to insufficient funds or other reasons).

If you have any further queries, feel free to contact Support.

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